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Maine and Maine-connected artists read interviews and create portraits
from photographs chosen by the storytellers.

Lizzy Schule

Lizzy Schule is a painter on Martha’s Vineyard with ties to the Penobscot area through her family. She is a part-time art teacher and full-time English as a Second Language teacher instructing Brazilian immigrants, who are mostly undocumented workers. She hopes that this project will jump-start more community-based efforts to keep people out of jail.

Teresa LaGrange

Portrait artist Teresa Lagrange is the current art director of Islandport Press, a small book publisher in Yarmouth. She enjoys traditional and digital art and hopes to see the Storytelling Project educate people on the value of all life.

Zeraph Dylan Moore

Zeraph Dylan Moore is a painter, illustrator and graphic designer based in central Maine. He values the project because it helps create pathways to organize side by side with the growing circle of people who are most affected by the violence of jails, policing, and the criminalization of their daily lives.

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